You Won't Believe What's Inside This Beautiful Nashville Home

Nashville is now the newest home of the Urban Cowboy, the second bed and breakfast of former hockey player turned real estate broker Lyon Porter and his partner Jersey Banks.

Set in the heart of East Nashville, the Urban Cowboy is surrounded by local restaurants, craft coffee shops and no shortage of live music. Porter and Banks set their heart on the Queen Anne Victoria home on Woodland Street just hours after landing in Nashville and have since made it a welcoming abode for artists and wanderers of all kinds.

The introduction on their website says, "we're passionate about creating spaces where people can connect and form ideas, whether you're an artist or adventurer, designer or wanderer." And what better place to land than East Nashville, the part of Music City known for its artsy and eclectic vibe.

Inside the bed and breakfast you will find 8 guest suites all very uniquely designed and decorated with their own southwestern style of vibrant colors and abstract patterns.


With a clawfoot tub in each room, it's a great place to soak after a long day of exploring. The rooms also offer an abundance of natural light through plenty of open windows to welcome in the new day.

The Watchtower -

The Urban Cowboy is best known for its open community feel. Designed as a place to make friends and inspire dreams, the B&B also has 2 gathering areas. One of those areas builds off of the heart of what Nashville is all about - music. The music parlor ignites creativity with 25 instruments ready to be played by those who wander in.

The Nashville location has always been a likely next stop for the Urban Cowboy since the opening of its first location in Brooklyn in 2014. More and more guests raved about the bustling southern city and insisted not only that the Urban Cowboy need to be replicated elsewhere, but that Nashville was a must.

This new Tennessee location has been open for a little over a month now and is ready and waiting for the passionate souls who plan to make their visit.

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You Won't Believe What's Inside This Beautiful Nashville Home