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Copperhead Bites Woman Walking into Longhorn Steakhouse

A Virginia woman got way more than she ordered when a copperhead snake bit her just outside a Longhorn Steakhouse. Rachel Myrick told the Houston Chronicle that the venomous reptile took her by complete surprise.

Myrick went to the restaurant with some family and friends. But just as they approached the door, she says she felt a sharp sting. At first, she figured it was a wasp.

"When I wrapped my hands around my foot, I felt something wiggle underneath my fingers," she says. "I freaked out. I let go of my foot, shook my hands off, and realized then that it was a snake. And it was stuck to my foot still. I kicked my foot while yelling to Mike and my son that I had been bit."

The snake. Photo courtesy of Rachel Myrick
The aftermath. Photo courtesy of Rachel Myrick

The eight-inch copperhead snake slithered away and Myrick's boyfriend leapt into action. They took Myrick to the hospital and monitored the swelling. Doctors administered the antivenin, but swelling still made its way up to her hip.

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She spent five days in the hospital taking other medication to combat the side effects of the copperhead antivenin. And that's not all. Myrick faces about three months of recovery time from the bite -- but doctors expect her to make a full recovery.

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Copperhead Bites Woman Walking into Longhorn Steakhouse