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'Virgin River' and Hallmark Star Benjamin Hollingsworth Is a Devoted Family Man and Dad of 3


Fans of the Netflix hit series Virgin River will definitely recognize actor Benjamin Hollingsworth. Local bad boy Dan Brady (best known as "Brady") has been stirring up trouble since season 1 while simultaneously battling some serious after-effects from his time in the military, where he served in Iraq. He's not the most popular guy in town, but Hollingsworth plays him well, making him one of the most memorable in town. The Canadian is also a rising Hallmark star, most recently starring opposite Jaicy Elliot in the new film Romance in Style. While he tends to gravitate towards more "difficult" characters, Hollingsworth seems like he couldn't be more different in real life.

Who is Benjamin Hollingsworth?

Ontario native Hollingsworth graduated from the National Theatre School of Canada in 2006 before his career really started to take off. Over the years, he's appeared in a variety of TV shows and movies, ranging from The Joneses, where he got some solid on-set advice from co-star David Duchovny, and Suits, where he played a memorable rival for series lead Mike. He was a series regular in the short-lived Ashton Kutcher produced series The Beautiful Life and also starred in the CBS medical drama Code Black as first-year resident Mario Savetti.

His role in The Joneses brought him down the Georgia, where Hollingsworth was able to gain an appreciation for the South. Not to mention the fact that his other notable co-star, Demi Moore, insisted on taking him to a football game since he'd never seen one before. Talk about a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

"Demi took me because I told her I'd never seen a football game before and she said oh you have to see one live... She picked me up and we go and we drive underground and we get out and the owner of the Atlanta Falcons greets us and walks us through this tunnel and like directly out onto the field. So my first football game I watched on the sidelines with the owner of the Atlanta Falcons and Demi Moore," Hollingsworth explained to Southern Living.


Virgin River's bad boy

Potentially his most memorable role to date is on Virgin River, where Hollingsworth has been a series regular since the second season. As a local resident of Canada, where the series is filmed, he admits that he constantly gets stopped and asked if he's that guy from the show. Luckily it was revealed that Brady wasn't the culprit behind Jack's shooting because that probably wouldn't have gone over well with fans in the wild.

"I'm always so thankful," Hollingsworth told Parade of his role on the popular series. "I know how hard it is to become successful in this business and when you have a show that's doing as well as Virgin River, I'm very grateful for all of that. Anyone who comes up to me is usually a fan and so I'm always happy to make time for a fan and to be grateful for them for tuning in and watching and loving the show and happy that I can be a fun part of their life."

Hallmark star

This Summer, Hollingsworth has really been the Hallmark leading man of the season. He had two new films come out -- A Splash of Love, where he owns a whale watching company, and Romance in Style, where he plays the heir to a publishing company. He's previously also appeared in Signed, Sealed, Delivered, A Godwink Christmas: Meant for Love, and Love Under the Olive Tree.

Family life in Canada

Since 2012, Hollingsworth has been married to his wife Nila Myers, a former lingerie designer and Bar Method instructor. The happy couple is based up in Canada and shares three children together -- sons Hemingway and Gatsby and daughter Juniper.


"I can't think of anything or anyone I could love more than my family," Hollingsworth told Parents Canada. "Regardless of the relentless chaotic catastrophe I'm constantly surrounded by, I can't help but find myself squeezing them, smelling their hair and kissing them."

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