Vince Gill Nashville Predators
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Vince Gill Got a New Job with the Nashville Predators

Nashville is a hockey town, and the country community loves itself some Nashville Predators hockey. In fact, Vince Gill loves the team so much he got a new job with them.

So what's exactly is Vince Gill getting into? Maybe he's a community liaison? Or perhaps he helps sell tickets to high-priced suites in Bridgestone Arena? Not quite.

The country star instead took a position selling merchandise in the team store. This hilarious video follows Gill around the pro shop as he tries to help customers find the perfect Preds gear.

"Things are getting a little tough around here," Gill says, tongue in cheek. "They're not buying my records much anymore. And I wanted to be a Predator, but I was too old and fat, and I can't skate. So I'm not working for Ann here at the gift shop."

Watch below as Gill uses his trusty garment hook to help retrieve different shirts and jerseys for eager customers. "That's a good deal!" Gill quips. "It's good deal Tuesdays — I don't know if you're familiar with that," the natural salesman adds.

Vince Gill loves himself some hockey. In fact, the longtime Nashvillian even served on the committee to pick the design for the team's arena in the 1990s.

He has season tickets down in the lower bowl with the rest of us regular folks, and has since they started. Vince Gill also drops by the TV booth from time to time to share his hockey expertise.

You know, the kind he shares in the video. Like how good a year Viktor Arvidsson is having. Or the fact that P.K. Subban wears number 76. Plus his in-depth knowledge of ladies fashion.

If you can't catch him cheering on his favorite team, you can still catch him on the road. The country star has several more tour dates lined up for the rest of the year.

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