Hear Vince Gill’s Classic New Single, ‘Me and My Girl’

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Vince Gill ranks as one of the most beloved elder statesmen in country music. Known for his impeccably tasty guitar licks and smooth vocals, Gill never disappoints.

The country star just released a new single off his latest album Down To My Last Bad Habit. And the tune, called “Me and My Gill,” represents classic Gill through and through.

Gill co-wrote the song, and co-produced it alongside longtime friend and collaborator Justin Niebank. Not surprisingly, it kicks off with a memorable guitar part and sweet sentiment.

Roll down the windows/Let that old wind blow right through your hair,” Gill sings in the chorus. “Not a care in the world/We take the long way down a two-lane highway/Headed for nowhere/ Just me and my girl.”

Everything about the tune captures Gill’s style. From the classically clever rhyme scheme to the ripping yet subtle guitar solo. And of course, the country imagery.

Thankfully, Down To My Last Habit has several excellent tunes worth checking out. In addition to the latest single, other tracks include stellar duets with Cam and Ashley Monroe.

It makes sense, since Gill records duets with just about everybody he can. His voice blends beautifully with just about anybody who is lucky enough to sing with him.

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Hear Vince Gill’s Classic New Single, ‘Me and My Girl’