Vince Gill Joins Chris Young on New Single 'Sober Saturday Night'


Chris Young returned to country radio this week with his newest single, "Sober Saturday Night," which features background vocals from one of his very own inspirations, Vince Gill.

The song was written by Young, along with brothers Brett and Brad Warren, and is the third release off of Young's no. 1 album, I'm Comin Over.  When he went in to record "Sober Saturday Night," Young felt as if something was missing.

The missing vocals and musical harmony was not only filled by the talents of Vince Gill, but recorded in his home studio. In an interview with Sounds Like Nashville, Young reminisces about his visit to Gill's studio and how they laid down the track.

"He sits down and he goes, 'Now, I just don't want you to feel if I play something, that you're handcuffed to it. You don't have to put it on the record if you don't like it,' Young said with a laugh. "I look over at the wall full of Grammy awards and I'm like, 'No, I think we're going to keep it."

Listen to the song below and see how the riff comes across.

Young has always had a profound baritone sound which stands out from an overly saturated solo male artist genre. Pairing his sound with Gill's more subtle vocals was a bold yet clever move that will really draw listeners in. It's a double win for Young as he delivers another solid single while earning the opportunity to work with the one whom inspired him to become a country singer in the first place.

"Sober Saturday Night" is sure to be a staple in the weeks going forward and fans will most likely hear it this summer as Young hits the road to perform and fairs and festivals across the country.

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Vince Gill Joins Chris Young on New Single 'Sober Saturday Night'