Vince Gill is Searching for America's Best New Guitarist

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Vince Gill and Guitar Center are teaming up to find the best undiscovered guitar player in America.

OnStage with Vince Gill is giving aspiring musicians the chance to win an opening slot for Gill during a date on his upcoming U.S. tour. The hand-selected winner will also get the chance to record a single with award-winning producer Justin Niebank, and will go home with $10,000 cash and a brand new set of gear from Guitar Center.

"I had no hesitations when Guitar Center approached me about this opportunity to give back to the musical community and support undiscovered artists," Gill said in a statement. "There's something very exciting about hearing new talent and knowing that I now have the ability to give them a helping hand and guide their young careers. I can't wait to hear how people cover my new single, and I look forward to hearing submissions!"

To enter, contestants must record their own rendition of Vince Gill's latest single, "Take Me Down." Gill will then hand-pick five finalists to perform live during a final competition in Los Angeles, where the final grand prize winner will be named.

If you're looking for your big break, head over to to submit your entry. Gill is set to release his eighteenth studio album, Down to My Last Bad Habit, on Feb. 12, 2016.

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Vince Gill is Searching for America's Best New Guitarist