See Vince Gill and Charlie Worsham Revisit 'The Key to Life' at the Opry

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Over the years, the Grand Ole Opry stage has provided an array of once-in-a-lifetime collaborations. During Vince Gill's visit to the historic country venue, he brought out talented guitarist and songwriter Charlie Worsham.

The 31-year-old Mississippi native jumped at the chance to share a special musical moment with his longtime pal. After a quick introduction, Gill let Worsham take the lead on his own 1998 track, "The Key to Life."

Worsham, who has been invited to the Opry many times on his own accord, showed off his skills as a vocalist through Gill's poignant lyrics. "The Key to Life" is the final track on Gill's 1998 album The Key, his first career No. 1 record. Although it may not be as immediately recognizable as some of his more successful singles, it showcases Gill's ability to project real emotion into a pure country story-song.

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Although the idea of Worsham joining Gill on tour is exciting, it's sadly just a pipe dream. Thankfully, you can catch both of them on tour (separately) through the end of the year. To see a full list of their upcoming live dates, you can visit both Charlie Worsham and Vince Gill's official websites.

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See Vince Gill and Charlie Worsham Revisit 'The Key to Life' at the Opry