Amazing Video Shows How Fire Ants Can Behave Like Jell-O

If you’ve lived in the South for very long, you’ve probably gone a few rounds with a fire ant or two. These annoying creatures have a tendency of taking over our backyards and making picnics and outings miserable. But, they are actually pretty amazing creatures.

In fact, scientists say that fire ants actually have the power to behave like Jell-O as well as liquid. They can even form a semi-solid substance if they need to. Given the right circumstances, these ants can develop pretty much any shape to protect themselves. Want to see these cool creatures in action? Check out this video by Distractify.

For critters that small, it’s really amazing that they can pull off all those tricks. No wonder they seem to have the power to survive anything and are so hard to get rid of.

One reason fire ants are so powerful is that they thrive on teamwork. Ants know that they can achieve anything if they simply work together. In addition to this mentality, they are also really strong by themselves. Ants can carry items that are 50 times their weight, and will even fight to protect their homes and food from other animals.

So, if you ever thought that ants are insignificant, think again. They take up a lot of this planet we share with them and can do some really amazing things. Think about that the next time you go to kick over an ant home.

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Amazing Video Shows How Fire Ants Can Behave Like Jell-O