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Video Premiere: Watch Susan Cattaneo, the Bottle Rockets Tear Through 'Work Hard, Love Harder'

New Jersey native and Berklee College of Music songwriting professor Susan Cattaneo made her boldest artistic statement to date last fall with double album The Hammer & The Heart. Across two records, she practices what she teaches as a songwriter with the help of several special guests.

Opening track and lead single "Work Hard, Love Harder," featuring roots-rock mainstays the Bottle Rockets, provides a collection of rock and folk-injected story-songs with a fitting first statement.

"I really wanted to write a manifesto for the album, a song that spoke to how I feel about making music and making music with people I love," Cattaneo says. "Ultimately, it's a song about prioritizing the important things in life. I met Brian, the lead singer of the Bottle Rockets, in Nashville a few years ago, and I wanted to work with them for the longest time. I love their music, I love their energy and I felt they were a perfect fit for this song and what it means to me. In the studio, our musical chemistry was immediate. There wasn't any hesitation."

Getting a prolific songwriter and busy touring act back together must've taken some patience, but it paid off for all talents involved. Director Brian McLelland of Blip Blap Video captured the energy and passion of a rocking, songwriter-driven song in the same vein as a Lucinda Williams or Mary Chapin Carpenter album cut.

Work Hard, Love Harder Lyrics

Father time's got a job to do 
Punches in his time card then he's coming for you 
You pray to Saint Joe for that 9 to 5 
You should be praying to St. Valentine 

The heart beats louder than the dollar 
Shines a light in a world gone darker 
Draws joy in permanent marker 
Work hard but love harder 
Hug your kids, call your mother 
Be grateful and be kind to others 
Kiss more, laugh more just for starters 
Work hard, but love harder 

You get so lost in your daily grind 
You forget that there ain't no second time, no second time around 
20, 30, 40 years fly through 
Suddenly you wondering where'd your dreams get to 

What are you waiting for? 
What are you waiting for? 
What are you waiting for? 

Be a friend don't be a martyr 
Make mistakes, they'll make you smarter 
Take your life and turn it up louder 
Work hard love harder

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