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Video Premiere: The Steel Wheels' Steadfast Mantra 'Get to Work'

Virginia-based band The Steel Wheels deliver a motivational mantra for everyone on their latest single "Get to Work" from their forthcoming album Over The Trees (out on July 12).

Band member Trent Wagler explains that the song started as a message to himself when he felt unmotivated. Sometimes the only way to get out of a rut is to get up and start working and remember the old adage: fake it 'til you make it.

"This one started as a mantra, kind of a joke, not really considered as a full song. I struggled within myself, to just leave it alone, let it be this simple. In the end, I decided that when I feel alone, isolated, or unmotivated, I just need to get to work," Wagler tells Wide Open Country. "If I'm a songwriter, I need to write songs. If I'm a dad, I need to take care of my kids. If I'm a teacher, I teach. If I'm a swimmer, I swim. So, go do it. When I studied acting, there were always two schools of thought on becoming a character: 1. Inner world of the character...become them from the inside, the wants, the needs, the inner emotional world, 2. Outer world of the character...physicality, accent, use your body to find the character. I always thought of the outer world of the character as a kind of cheat, like you were using an accent or a way of walking to fake it. But as I continue to become an adult, I realize, that is part of life. We all fake it, a lot of the time! And 'faking it till you make it,' is something that has merit. Sure, you need to study and become excellent at what you do, but there are going to be moments where you just have to keep working through the plateaus. And that takes every day work. I also thought this would be a good song for parents of kids." 

Watch the video premiere of "Get to Work" below.


For more information on The Steel Wheels, visit their official website.

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