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Video Premiere: Maybe April Celebrates First Love With the Bittersweet 'You Were My Young'

When you hear the three-part harmonies of Nashville-based trio Maybe April, you might think the singers had grown up together. But the women were on their own separate musical paths before meeting at a music industry camp in Nashville in 2012. As fate would have it, they found kindred spirits in one another, penning a song that would take them to Los Angeles for a special performance during GRAMMY week.

In the years since, the trio, made up of Kristen Castro, Katy Dubois and Alaina Stacey, has opened for artists such as Brandy Clark and Sarah Jarosz and performed at the Pilgrimage Music Festival. Now, the group is embarking on a new chapter and releasing their new single, the tender "You Were My Young."

The video, which Wide Open Country is premiering today, follows the relationship of small town young couple, from hanging out in the grocery store parking lot and at bonfire parties with friends to parting ways to go to separate colleges. Throughout the video, we see shots of the trio looking back on their own past through old keepsakes and song lyrics.

Built on the trio's folk instrumentation and airy vocals, "You Were My Young" is a nostalgic look at the highs and lows of your first real love.

In a joint statement, Maybe April told Wide Open Country both the song and video were inspired by their own brushes with heartbreak.

"This song is about looking back at your first love with all of the bittersweet feelings of growing up. We wanted to capture as much of that nostalgia as possible, so in the video the actors are two actual high school students and we filmed our performance on a high school auditorium stage," Maybe April told Wide Open Country. "It's a special song for us, because when we were 17 and 18 the three of us first connected over our first heartbreaks. We think of those memories fondly now and hope that 'You Were My Young' will connect with people in a way that allows them to do the same."

Watch the video below:

Maybe April is currently on tour across the U.S. For more information on the group, visit here.

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