Kelli Debbs
Kelli Debbs

Video Premiere: Kelli Debbs Outruns Evil In 'They're Coming For You'

Tampa born and Los Angeles based singer, songwriter and guitarist Kelli Debbs teases forthcoming EP Something That Moves Me today with "They're Coming For You." The new song and video blend  Hollywood pizzazz and confessional lyrics into a coherent story about defeating self-doubt.

Debbs' new song, produced by Eric Sampson and Dan McMains, weaves together different strands of country-related music. Her story-driven Americana lyrics are accompanied by her folk guitar skills and by additional Nashville pop instrumentation. Each puzzle piece dramatizes the ongoing struggle between the proverbial devil and angel on the powerhouse vocalist's shoulders.

The music video, shot and directed by David Bertolami with DMB Imagery, shows Debbs playing along to a John Denver album. Those peaceful scenes get interrupted by clips of her inner devil chasing her well-meaning side down the streets of California. Evil never legs down good, with the implication seeming to be that staying active fends off bad thoughts just enough to maintain a positive outlook. Folks who create any sort of art in spite of recurring inner turmoil will get the song and video's message, loud and clear.

"There is a light and a dark side within us all and this song tells the story of that struggle," Debbs says. "'They're Coming For You' is about overcoming fear or regret and living the best positive life we can live in the present moment."

She recorded Something That Moves Me with Wild Flower Recording Group in North Hollywood. Expect it to arrive as soon as this fall. If the other songs match the quality of "They're Coming For You" and the introspective "These Streets," it'll be a payoff for an artist willing to constantly sharpen her craft at tour stops and on music festival stages. With each evil-stifling step forward, she's improved on her well-received 2015 album Baby Steps, featuring the fantastic song "Gingerbread House."

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