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Video Premiere: Julia Haltigan's 'Wool' is Inspired By Classic Cinema

Julia Haltigan steps into the lives of others on the dreamy and pensive "Wool," the lead single from her forthcoming album Trouble (out on October 25).

Haltigan says "Wool" was inspired by some of her favorite classic films and the way movies can impact our lives.

"'Wool' is a song about blurring the lines between film and reality, about the way feelings inspired by movies we love can be carried with us and seep into our imagination even after the film has ended," Haltigan tells Wide Open Country. "In the music video for "Wool" I'm playing a taxi driver who watches little vignettes of people's lives through the rearview mirror, picking up one character after the next and stepping into their worlds briefly as I take them from point A to point B. Growing up in New York City, I've spent plenty of time in the back seat of a taxi cab. It wasn't until I saw films like Night On Earth by Jim Jarmusch and Taxi Driver starring Robert De Niro that I contemplated the perspective of the Taxi Driver and it's these very films that inspired our music video."

Watch the video for "Wool" below.

The New York City-based singer-songwriter has appeared on the HBO series The Deuce and in the off-Broadway show Sleep No More. In addition to her solo career, Haltigan performs in the band The Singles with her friends Scarlett Johansson, Kendra Morris and Holly Miranda.

For more information on Julia Haltigan, visit her official website.

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