Freddy and Francine
Kaitlyn Raitz

Video Premiere: Freddy and Francine's Pleading 'Sweet On You'


Americana duo Freddy and Francine have a song for when you find yourself still thinking about an ex. The folk outfit, made up of Lee Ferris and Bianca Caruso, wrote the retro pop song "Sweet On You" about a life derailed by incessant memories of a long gone love.

The duo performed the tune during their Nashville release show for their latest album Moonless Night and Wide Open Country is premiering the live performance video of the old school groover today.

Caruso says the song was born out of the duo's fatigue over writing love songs.

"This is a hate song about love. We came up with the title of the song first and decided to spin it because we got sick of writing about love," Caruso tells Wide Open Country. "This is a tune about a couple who get in a fight - one goes to a hotel room to cool off for the weekend and ends up staying for 10 years."


Watch Freddy and Francine's live performance of "Sweet on You" below.

Freddy and Francine are currently on tour. For more information and a full list of tour dates, visit here.

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