This Video of a Man and His Rescued Deer Will Warm Your Heart


When a newborn fawn was abandoned by its mother, one man stepped in to rescue her, not knowing he’d be making a very special new friend.

Darius Sasnauskas witnessed the rescued deer being born and noticed she was unable to put weight on her front legs. The doe, who had another baby to take care of, left the injured fawn behind.

Sasnauskas, who lives near Yellowstone National Park, knew that the deer needed protection, so he decided to taker her in and heal her. Making the baby a leg brace out of an oatmeal box and getting her acclimated to drinking from a bottle, Sasnauskas and the fawn became bonded. The baby even took to the family cats and dogs (don’t miss the fawn getting a foster dog-dad at 6:15).

For critics of his actions, Sasnauskas mentions in the description of his video: “I do not support keeping wild animals as a pets, but this was special situation. The baby deer was healed and released back to her real mother.”

Once the fawn was in good health, Sasnauskas knew it was time to let her go, but the fawn didn’t want to leave his side. We can’t imagine how hard that had to be! After days of searching and attempting to release her, he was successful.

Sasnauskas posted an update in the video description letting everyone know that the doe did accept the fawn back eventually and that he’s seen the family in the summer and autumn seasons.

It’s impossible not to be inspired by Sasnauskas’ compassion.

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This Video of a Man and His Rescued Deer Will Warm Your Heart