Brad Paisley Plays Slide Guitar With Fan's GoPro [WATCH]

The country shredder provides a unique view of his guitar-playing prowess in this rare footage.

Mike Perlof had a front row seat at a 2014 Brad Paisley concert and was shooting some footage on his GoPro. Paisley looked directly into the camera and continued to jam with his bandmates for a few minutes.

Then he did something unusual...and awesome. He grabbed the camera and used it to play an impromptu slide quitar solo!

"Brad Paisley, Charlie Worsham, and Randy Houser are rocking out when THE MOST AMAZING thing that has ever happened to me at a live show takes place! It's magical moments like these that make live music what it is," said Perlof in the video description.

The guitar slinger didn't miss a beat and captured some amazing footage with the camera sliding up and down the instrument. He then tossed it back to Perlof and seamlessly resumed the song.

Paisley recently hosted a night of comedy at the Wild West Music Festival in Nashville. He is set to perform at the 50th ACM Awards in Texas on April 19, where he is nominated for Male Vocalist of the Year.

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Brad Paisley Plays Slide Guitar With Fan's GoPro [WATCH]