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Veronique Medrano Announces New Album 'MexiAmericana'

The album arrives on Sept. 22.

With MexiAmericana (out Sept. 22), Veronique Medrano delivers the quintessential album for anyone wanting to immerse themselves in the Mexican American musical experience. The South Texas native has dedicated her career to celebrating the artistry and culture of her bordertown upbringing through her fearless country, Americana and Tejano music.

The 11-track bilingual album, filled with accordion, acoustic guitar, cowbell and Medrano's powerhouse vocals, was recorded in San Antonio, Corpus Christi and Los Angeles and co-produced by Medrano, Grammy winners John Ontiveros, Mariano Herrera, Wil-Dog Abers (Ozomatli founder) and Marciel Miranda along with Svani Quintanilla (son of Cumbia phenom producer AB Quintanilla), Mike Torres III and Latin Grammy nominee El Dusty.

"MexiAmericana is an album celebrating my roots in a bordertown that blends language and culture," Medrano says. "Writing this music on this album was a way to finally live in that duality of language and sound. It opened the floodgates to a sea of stories and depth of emotion available to me."


Medrano, who also hosts the Accordion 2 Me podcast, released debut track "¡Que Hueva!" on May 10 (Mother's Day in Mexico). The critically -acclaimed song is a defiant rallying cry and rebuke of the Supreme Court's overturning of Roe V. Wade.

"Country/Roots music, like Tejano, has always held a place for political and social commentary on the world around us," Medrano says in a press release. "This song was that for me. When Roe V. Wade fell, this song just came forth because of the resounding commentary and voices of women who are exhausted waking up every day with a new battle against our person. It's a powerful and joyous rally cry to those in our lives who are done being bite-sized and shrinking down to their most desired parts. A woman has the right to choose the role she wishes, to engage the world around her, and women tend to be the unsung hero of a home. This song is for them, and for the fighting spirit within us all, to live beyond the constructs of gender that society deems appropriate."

MexiAmericana also features a bilingual version of Roy Orbison's "Crying" as well as a cover of legendary country artist Freddy Fender's "Wasted Days."

MexiAmericana Track Listing:

  1. "Crying" (Roy Orbison cover — bilingual version)
  2. "Mezcal Maria" ft. Beatriz Gonzalez
  3. "Pam Pam" ft. Audry Funk
  4. "Hay Otro En Tu Lugar" (Vicki Carr cover)
  5. "¡Que Hueva!"
  6. "Dear Dorothy"
  7. "Wasted Days" (Freddy Fender cover — bilingual version)
  8. "Running on Empty"
  9. "Que Suerte Tienes"
  10. "Get to Heaven"
  11. "Lost & Found"


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