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Dallas Meat Lovers are Really Confused by this Vegan ‘Brisket’

You can’t go very far in Dallas without running into a restaurant that serves great cuts of brisket. But one new entree at a Vegan restaurant in Dallas, V-Eats, has some meat lovers up in arms.

Naturally, in a town filled with people who consider the art of brisket making sacred, the idea of a non-meat counterpart didn’t come across that well. Brave foodie Beth Rankin of the Dallas Observer tried out the dish f0r herself.

Ultimately, Rankin says the brisket was “smoky and moist” but “kind of chewy,” and was overall “pretty good.” But that didn’t stop those who read her article from berating the concept. Some even wondered if the restaurant should even call the dish brisket since it didn’t come from a cow.

Of course, not everyone was angry about the new restaurant and its creative take on brisket. A few vegans weighed in on the topic, defending the idea. They insisted that having a dish that allows them to enjoy BBQ sauce is a win-win in their books.

Time will tell if this concept catches on or if it withers and dies. But, for now, Vegans and carnivores in Dallas will continue to hash it out over this controversial new dish.

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Dallas Meat Lovers are Really Confused by this Vegan ‘Brisket’