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Vandoliers' Josh Fleming on Punk Beginnings, Playing D&D with the Old 97's

Our guest today is Joshua Fleming of Vandoliers, one of our Bands to Watch in 2017. The Texas-based outfit traditional country music conventions with the energy of punk.

That potent mixture stems from Fleming, the band's core songwriter — and a prolific one at that. In less than two years, Vandoliers have released two albums, 2016's Ameri-Kinda and the recently released LP The Native. And, he's already working on writing on the third record.

Even more surprising is how the momentum the group has found since they got started in 2015. They've already built a steady following in and outside of the Texas, and are touring with groups like The Old 97's. That's not an easy feat for a band in its early stages.

In our conversation, Fleming talks about how he's able to gauge what's connecting with fans and what's not working. We also chat about his roots in punk music, how he started his career in ska music, and what it's been like on the road with the Old 97's. Apparently, those guys play Dungeons & Dragons to pass the time.

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