8 Ideal Valentine's Day Gifts for the Texan in Your Life


February is upon us and Valentine's Day is closing in fast. Life won't wait for you to go shopping, but that's why buying gifts online is so perfect. You still have plenty of time to allow for shipping, and you don't have to make up excuses about going to get your oil changed while you're really scouring almost empty store shelves for an adequate gift.

Don't be that fool who forgot to get something for your sweetheart, or worse, obviously got something at the last minute. Forget the standard boring box of chocolates and just leave that teddy bear behind. Seriously, no grown person wants that. Instead, check out these perfect Valentine's Day gift ideas for Texans.

For the native Texan girl

This Texas pendant is a beautiful gift for any Texas girlGet it here.

For the "come and take it" Texan:

These cufflinks from Amazon Handmade are the ideal gift for the Texas gun enthusiast, which is a whole lot of Texans. The cufflinks are made from Smith and Wesson 40 caliber bullet casings and it's center jewel is a Swarovski crystal. Get them here.

For the Texan who likes to be pampered:


This soap is made with bentonite clay and is "sprinkled with responsibly wild crafted Texas bluebonnets." These soaps are even handmade by a Texan family. If there is a more Texan bath product, I don't know of it. Get it here.

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For the bearded Texan:

Any bearded Texan is going to love this gift. It smells like Christmas and it's made here in the Lone Star State. This beard oil softens and nourishes facial hair. It's a win-win because a softer beard means a more kissable man. Get it here.

For the girl with a Texas twang:

"Howdy, y'all!" It's our two favorite words typographically illustrated on one shirt. This is the perfect gift for the lady in your life who has a beautiful Texas twang in her accent. Get it here.

For the Texan who loves vodka:

Is your Valentine is into infused vodka? Honestly, who isn't? This gift is perfect. It contains everything you need to infuse your own, so be sure to give this gift with a bottle of Tito's. Get it here.

For the Texan who's into home decor:


This little sign says it all. Your Valentine will love the rustic look, the bling and the burlap bow. It's the perfect gift for the Texan who is into home decor. Get it here.

For the Texan mixologist:

Moscow Mules are a big deal these days. These delicious drinks are made with vodka, spicy ginger beer and lime juice, and served in a copper mug. Now your loved one can toast their Moscow Mule in total Texas style. Get it here.

This article was originally published in February of 2017.

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