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$36 Heart-Shaped Charcuterie Board Will Get You In the Valentine’s Day Spirit

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Valentine's Day is the most popular time of the year to surprise your loved ones with strawberries, flowers, and chocolate, but let's not forget about cheese (and salami). Make me a Valentine's Day charcuterie board, and I'll love you forever.

Amazon is selling a heart-shaped Valentine's charcuterie board, and it's the perfect way to enjoy snacks with your significant other.

What to Put on a Valentine's Day Charcuterie Board

Strawberries, of course. But feel free to fill the appetizer board with fresh fruit like raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, or sweet treats like brownies or dark chocolate cupcakes. Of course, you can't go wrong with M&M's!

Be sure to add a salty snack, like pretzels.

Plan on making your own sugar cookies or white chocolate chip cookies? Consider buying cookie cutters to keep the Valentine's charcuterie board in theme. Your partner (or galentine) will love your DIY Valentine's Day board.

valentine's day charcuterie board close up

Lyndsay Cordell

Okay, so maybe you have a grocery list and know exactly what you're putting on the charcuterie board, but you don't know if your presentation skills are on point yet. No worries, YouTube has plenty of tutorials for set-ups. Here are some products to help with your design!

Heart Bowl

A heart-shaped bowl is perfect for fruit and other treats you don't want to put on the tray. (Fondue or your favorite dip!).

Cute Toothpicks With Hearts

Use these adorable toothpicks for olives and yummy treats.

Also, feel free to scroll through Instagram and Pinterest for ideas. I swear, it's like looking at art! Foodies are quite creative.

What Does Charcuterie Mean?

It's a French term that describes meat deli shops but in layman's terms? Cooked, processed, or cured cold meat.

Don't Forget the Wine

glass of red wine (a stock photo from getty)


Of course, what's a charcuterie board without wine? Some lucky Editors at Wide Open Media got to try Gratsi wine recently, and we can't help but think it was perfect, however, it would've been much more enjoyable with a charcuterie board.

The red and white wines are low in sugar, meaning no wine headaches! Plus, do you really need sugary wine after inhaling loads of chocolate on Valentine's Day? If you're someone who gets a very dry mouth after drinking sugary drinks, you can't go wrong with Gratsi wine.

Acacia Wood Cutting Board

This wooden board has nearly 100 perfect ratings. Not only is it perfect for Valentine's Day, but it's perfect for Mother's Day, date night, or any "just-because" celebration. So, be sure to take good care of your new dessert charcuterie board so you can use it again.

Don't put the cheese board in the dishwasher. Always wash by hand!

A five-star review: "Absolutely adorable. Love love love this wooden heart-shaped dish! Perfect size for a couple brownies or as a candy dish. Use for Valentine's Day special treat. Also could be a fruit bowl (well grapes and cheese anyway). A great size for display too!"

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