Actor John Travolta rides a mechanical bull in a scene during the Paramount Pictures movie 'Urban Cowboy" circa 1980.
Actor John Travolta rides a mechanical bull in a scene during the Paramount Pictures movie 'Urban Cowboy" circa 1980. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

'Urban Cowboy' Series In the Works at Paramount+


It seems like Paramount+ is feeling nostalgic. The network has a slew of TV show reboots of popular Paramount films in the works. Their current list includes Fatal Attraction, The Italian Job, Love Story, Flashdance, The Parallax View and the classic John Travolta film, Urban Cowboy.

The original film followed the story of Buford Uan "Bud" Davis (Travolta) as he falls for Sissy (Debra Winger) at the famous Texas honky-tonk, Gilley's Club. The film chronicled their on and off-again relationship as well as some serious two-stepping at the country bar. Travolta was fresh off starring in Grease and Winger had been nominated for three Oscars at the time. Together, they made Urban Cowboy a major box office success, fondly beloved decades later. So far no release date has been revealed in terms of when to expect to see the remake on Paramount's popular new streaming service. It's also unclear whether or not we should expect to see Travolta or Winger make cameos. How fun would it be to see Travolta in a dance scene with the new Bud?

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According to Deadline, the new TV series will take a deeper look at Bud as he travels from his life on the farm to the big city in 1980s Houston. Like the original film, the new series will also feature popular country music from the time. James Bridges and Aaron Latham released the original film based on an article Latham wrote for Esquire. James Ponsoldt, the writer-director behind the Tom Hanks film The Circle, and Benjamin Percy will be adapting the new series.


Apparently, FOX and Craig Brewer had been working on their own reboot of the popular 1980 film back in 2015.. This project, which was to be centered in the world of Latin music, was eventually scrapped.

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