Posthumous Guy Clark Album Features Three Previously Unreleased Songs

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Even after his passing, legendary songwriter Guy Clark has more to say. An upcoming album called The Best of the Dualtone Years features a smattering of live recordings and three unreleased demos.

Even better, preordering the album gets you one of the unreleased songs right away. Called "Just To Watch Maria Dance," the tune is classic Clark. The full two-disc album features 19 tracks and comes out March 3, 2017.

Though he had six different record labels throughout his career, Clark signed on to Dualtone records before passing away in May 2016. He inked the deal in the mid-2000s and continued to do what he always did, which is make standout records.

Though he only had three records under Dualtone, Clark somehow maintained his ridiculously high bar of quality. His 2014 album My Favorite Picture Of You won the Best Folk Album Grammy.

The Best of the Dualtone Years also features a few live recordings from previous records, including L.A. Freeway, Dublin Blues and Homegrown Tomatoes. So even if you think you've heard all Clark has to offer, well, you're probably wrong.

"The Last Hobo" and "Time" round out the unreleased tracks on the upcoming album. Head to the Dualtone website to get your preorder in now.

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Posthumous Guy Clark Album Features Three Previously Unreleased Songs