These Texas Tech Students Don’t Know Who the Won Civil War

A student members of Texas Tech University’s political organization, PoliTech, takes to the sidewalks of her school to find out whether her fellow students can answer some basic U.S. history questions. The results are truly astounding.

PoliTech’s Courtney Plunk interviewed several students on camera, asking them three simple questions about U.S. politics.

Question one is, “Who won the Civil War?” Only one out of 11 people answered it correctly. She then asked students, “Who is out Vice-President?” Again, only one person out of 9 asked could answer Joe Biden (after being given a hint). The last question was, “Who did we gain our independence from?” None of the 4 people asked could answer it.

Plunk then asks students a few pop-culture questions about Brad Pitt and Snooki. No surprise here — everyone got those answers correct.

The point was not to shame students or the university, but to make a point that politics are definitely not on the minds of our youth. To be fair, PoliTech could have asked hundreds of students these questions and only highlighted those who answered incorrectly. Even so, what exactly does this say about our education system (and the interests of our future leaders) if even one person cannot answer these very basic questions about our country?


PoliTech posted a follow-up video on their YouTube page addressing criticism from their “Politically-Challenged” student interviews.

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These Texas Tech Students Don’t Know Who the Won Civil War