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7 Unique and Inexpensive Planters for Your Home and Garden

Plants are an easy and fun way to elevate your home decor, with some added benefits like purifying the air. All you plant lovers should have some fun when adding greenery to your space. Set aside the boring old terracotta pots and try one of these unique planters instead.

Check out our roundup of 7 unique planters to take your houseplant game to the next level.

1. This Geometric Ceramic Planter

The pattern on these planter pots will help create a focal point in your space. Put it inside or outdoors in your garden. The material is durable, so it is perfectly capable of withstanding the elements.

2. These Marble Succulent Planters

The texture of this planter set sets it apart from some other options. These would be a fun addition to a windowsill or coffee table and could even make a perfect unique gift. You could create the cutest mini garden of succulents.

3. This Hanging Planter Shelf

A hanging shelf is a cool option because you can fit multiple little flower pots on it and create an eye-catching silhouette.

4. These Wall Planters

These wall planters are a fun option if you have a small wall space that you'd like to fill. Perfect for by a window you can fill them with mini succulents or cacti.

5. These Pineapple Planters for Air Plants

Air plants are a visually exciting plant, and these adorable pineapple planters take advantage of their cool shape. You could put these anywhere inside your home for a pop of color and unexpected texture, just make sure there's some sun for the plants.

6. This Face Planter

A face planter (or head planter) gives a nice modern edge to your plant. You make a little succulent garden like this cool or put just one plant inside.

7. These Concrete Planters

The concrete makes these cute planters stand out. Make your own herb garden or give this as a thoughtful housewarming gift. These are another great option that would also be a fun addition to a garden or outdoor space.

This post was originally published on February 26, 2019.

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