This Unique Hanging Tent Brings Camping to the Next Level


One of the most fun outdoor activities you can do during the summer is go on a camping trip. If you're wanting to take your trip to the next level, or just get a different perspective on the world around you, there is an amazing new tent that you'll want to bring along on your next adventure.

Tentsile is a uniquely engineered tent that is made to hang campers in mid-air. Alex Shirley-Smith, creator of the Tentsile, always wanted to bring her dream treehouse to life. After studying architecture in college, she went on to create this innovative design that allows you to sleep in comfort high above the ground.

Campers simply need to find an area with three trees that the tent can be attached two. After you ratchet them to the trunks, you can enjoy the peaceful feeling of relaxing in mid-air. You can get a single-person tent or bring your friends along for a night in the cozy six-person sleeper.

Want to give the Tentsile a try? You can choose from different models, which range from $250 to $1,500, at the company's website.

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This Unique Hanging Tent Brings Camping to the Next Level