Uncle Si Gets ‘Duck Dynasty’ Spin-Off About New Country Music Career

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Yes, this is apparently a real thing. The Duck Dynasty fellas have permeated pop culture. And now, a new spin-off show featuring one of the characters may bring them into your radios, too.

Uncle Si recently revealed he’s getting his own 10-episode show in which he pursues a country music career. When asked by Fox News about his plans, Si Robertson had this to say. “Matter of fact, I just did 10 episodes of a new show,” he explained. “One of the episodes is me going to Nashville to get into the music business. I’m really going to do that OK? I have a musical career that I’m trying to start right now.”

Oh boy.

What kind of music does the 68-year-old reality TV star have up his sleeve? “I sing country music,” Robertson says. “George Jones, Merle Haggard, the old guys. Trying to bring real country music back.”

Good luck with that. Though, to be fair, if anybody is going to “bring real country music back,” they’re probably going to be a reality TV star. Because that’s just how these things work nowadays.

Uncle Si became one of Duck Dynasty’s most beloved characters. The Army vet and iced tea enthusiast’s new show is reportedly called Going Si-Ral. The family also has another spin-off show about youngest brother Jep. Jep & Jessica: Growing The Dynasty follows their adoption of a baby boy.

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Uncle Si Gets ‘Duck Dynasty’ Spin-Off About New Country Music Career