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The Ultimate Beer Shed Unfolds Like a Swiss Army Knife, Revealing So Much More

Who needs a "Man Cave" when the ultimate beer shed exists? Known as the Swiss Army shed, this unique garden shed wants to make 'beer time' better in partnership with Unilad. Created by Hall & Woodhouse, an English brewer known for their badger ales and beer, this garden shed is the quintessential addition to any beer drinker's backyard.

This shed looks like a standard shed, a smaller space, at first. However, it unfolds quite literally like a Swiss Army knife and reveals all of its secret little compartments and pockets of fun. Lucky Badger Fans got the chance to win one of these backyard bar sheds and here's an example of one of the winners!

Start your beer time right with a state of the art barbecue that's perfect for grilling a hanger steak or a batch of hamburgers. Don't go back in the kitchen; grab a spatula or even a trusty bottle opener from the tool rack located on the side of the beer shed building.

And for all of the BBQ lovers, there's everything you'd ever dream of. Need to season up your kebabs? Check out the spice drawer filled with every spice located right next to the fold-down prep area.

While barbecue is great, the real reason you are here is to enjoy the Badger Beer. As one of the oldest beer brands in England, the British love affair with the craft beer is strong.

Drink up your favorite bottle of beer stored in one of the two beer fridges and challenge your friends with some garden games or a battle of darts with the hidden dart board.

By the time your games are finished and won, sit down in the concealed seating area under an automatic awning. You've totally earned it.

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