U.S. Marine Disguised as Doctor Surprises Mom at Chemo Session

Screengrab via YouTube

Cancer diagnoses tend to pull family together and sharpen the clarity of what truly matters in life. Mary Glasure certainly got the sweetest surprise of her life at her first chemo session in Steubenville, Ohio.

The mother of seven was getting set up for her first dose of chemo and feeling a little down. One of her sons that lives locally, Cody Glasure, was filming across the table from her.

Today notes that Glasure's spirits dropped even more as what appeared to be yet another doctor wearing full scrubs and a face mask entered the room. The doctor told her, "I have a lunch appointment I need to get to so let's hurry up."

Flustered, Glasure agreed. The video shows the doctor pulling off his mask to reveal her son, Corey Hoffmaster, standing before her. Her reaction of joy, shock and love illustrates the deep bond these two share.

Hoffmaster has been in the U.S. Marines for the last four years and Glasure hasn't seen him in almost two years. Stationed out in Yuma, Arizona visits are few and far between. He wanted to be there for her after discovering that the cancer had spread to her lung and spine.

Glasure tells Today, "I needed him home because he's my strength. Being in the Marines, he's the matter-of-fact, you've-got-to-do-this-type."

The video is both heartwarming and funny, showing the deep love between a mother and her son during bittersweet times.

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U.S. Marine Disguised as Doctor Surprises Mom at Chemo Session