Tyler Hynes in the upcoming 'A Picture of Her' (Hallmark)
Tyler Hynes in the upcoming 'A Picture of Her' (Hallmark)

Tyler Hynes Just Teased His New Hallmark Movie & Fans Are Losing It Over The Swoon-Worthy Photos


Hallmark is shaking things up with its upcoming romance movies -- at least, that's what fans are saying after Tyler Hynes shared a behind-the-scenes look at his new Hallmark film, A Picture of Her, co-starring Rhiannon Fish.

Hynes is one of Hallmark's most successful in-house hunks, with a gaggle of fans who loyally refer to themselves as "Hynies." The actor recently shared a teaser video from the set of A Picture of Her, and Hallmark stalwarts think the moody outtake signals a darker new take on the network's romantic house style.

In the Feb. 3rd video shared to Hynes' Instagram, the heartthrob is seen slowly walking into focus on what appears to be a front porch at nighttime. (We love a desperate house call.) In the clip, set to The Weeknd's brooding "Wicked Games," Hynes looks lovelorn in a black leather jacket and black t-shirt, carrying a bouquet of roses.

The post garnered over 3,000 likes, and fans went wild theorizing about the mood and tone of the new film. One user wrote, "Beautiful introduction to the movie: melancholy, dark, compelling and the music choice? A nice trail of breadcrumbs to get us started. Lead the way!" Another fan pointed out that Hynes' character, Jake, appears to be a darker, broodier romantic hero: "looks like a good one... he looks like he's coming in needy.. 🤔😎😉🙌🔥."


On Feb. 7, Hynes shared more BTS photos from the film in honor of what his fans call #TylerTuesday. In the shots, Hynes is walking across a fishing dock wearing the same James Dean-esque look: a leather jacket and cuffed jeans. In less than three days, the post has received over 14,000 likes on Instagram, as well as a very special shoutout from Hynes' Three Wise Men and a Baby co-star Paul Campbell, who commented, "Hunksauce."

Hallmark hunks stick together.

Premiering March 25th on The Hallmark Channel, A Picture of Her is billed as a romantic mystery set in the world of...salmon fishing. (There's a first.)

Tyler Hynes and Rhiannon Fish in the upcoming 'A Picture of Her' (Hallmark)

Tyler Hynes and Rhiannon Fish in the upcoming A Picture of Her (Hallmark)

The film follows Beth (Rhiannon Fish), a young woman working on her father's fishing boat in the Pacific Northwest (Twilight fans, rejoice!). On a trip to Los Angeles, fledgling photographer Jake (Hynes) snaps a picture of Beth, which lands on the cover of an award-winning magazine. Beth's quest to uncover the identity of the mystery photographer who turned her life upside-down gets, ahem, complicated.


Looks like March 25th calls for buttery oysters and cable-knit fisherman sweaters.

A Picture of Her premieres Saturday, March 25th at 8/7c on The Hallmark Channel.

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