Tyler Hubbard and His Wife Give Back in Africa

Florida Georgia Line frontman Tyler Hubbard recently spent time in Malawi with the  Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance (GAIA) to bring joy to one of the world’s poorest countries.

The singer and his wife, Hayley, spent five days in the African country, learning, singing and giving back.

Hayley’s documented their trip to Malawi on her website, The Vogue Trip. Pictures posted to the site show the couple coloring with orphans at Open Arms Orphanage, and with the smiles on the children’s faces, it’s clear that their short time will have a lasting impact.

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The Vogue Trip

The couple also spent some time in the rural villages of Mulanje to see the effects HIV is having on the local population. They noticed the lack of medical treatment available and how GAIA’s mission is trying to change the situation. Hayley mentions, “V

Hayley mentions, “Villagers can be forced to wait days for treatment, suffering with high fevers, as it’s too far for them to walk to an area where they could possibly receive medical attention”  

Their final visit in Malawi was to the Zomba Prison, where Tyler played music with some of the inmates and prison guards. The group is known as the Zomba Prison Band. They are nominated for a Grammy this year in the best world music category.

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The Vogue Trip

One of the most inspiring discoveries of their trip that Hayley documented was that even through the hardship faced each and every day. “We’ve never seen so many smiles, laughs, strong faith and pure happiness,” she wrote.

It’s apparent that the Hubbard’s trip to Malawi truly touched their hearts and opened their eyes. An experience that they’ve now shared with their family, fans and friends in hopes that their efforts and those of others will be able to make a difference. What an incredible way to give back.

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Tyler Hubbard and His Wife Give Back in Africa