FGL's Tyler Hubbard Undergoes Thanksgiving Back Surgery

Florida Georgia Line singer Tyler Hubbard underwent back surgery over the Thanksgiving holiday and posted to Instagram about the ordeal.

Hubbard's wife Hayley posted an image to social media when the country singer was in recovery from the surgery.

"I'm So super grateful for this turkey and that he's safely out of back surgery," she wrote. "Wish I had the video of him coming out of surgery entertaining the nurses by singing Michael Jackson."

Hubbard also said the meds he was on made him feel like he drank "a whole bottle of Old Camp Whiskey."

Hubbard didn't explain how he injured his back in the first place, but did indicate that it's an old injury.

"I've been dealing with this for years and tried everything to avoid surgery," the singer wrote. "But I'm so glad It's over."

The couple is expecting their first child, a daughter, to be born soon, so Hubbard will definitely need a functioning back so that he can pick up his baby and start working on his "dad arms." Now if only we could see Tyler singing Michael Jackson...

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FGL's Tyler Hubbard Undergoes Thanksgiving Back Surgery