Tyler Farr is Doing ‘Extremely Better’ After Vocal Cord Surgery

Tyler Farr says he’s doing well after undergoing emergency surgery to remove polyps on his vocal chords last month.

The 32-year-old told NASH Country Weekly that the growth in his throat made him feel like he was “trying to push a grape through a straw” every time he tried to speak. One morning, Farr awoke and was unable to speak at all. When doctors discovered a pin-sized polyp on his vocal cord, they recommended immediate treatment to prevent any long-term damage to his voice. This frightening discovery caused Farr to pull out of Lee Brice‘s Life Off My Years Tour, which kicked off on Feb. 4 in Salisbury, Md.

“It scared the crap out of me,” Farr admitted. After undergoing surgery and vocal rest for a week and a half, he says he feels better than ever.

“It felt like I was just breathing, singing was so much easier,” he explained. “My range increased on my high end five and a half notes from where it was, so not only did it get better, it got extremely better.”

Farr says it will be around six months before his vocal cords are completely healed. However, he plans to return to the stage beginning in May to show off his new and improved voice to fans.

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Tyler Farr is Doing ‘Extremely Better’ After Vocal Cord Surgery