Tyler Farr Built an Impressive Beer Cannon from an AR-15

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Tyler Farr is a musician AND an inventor. The "Better in Boots" singer has created a genius invention that we will certainly soon wonder how we all did without. In a video posted to his Facebook page, Farr shoots a beer across a field to his friend who tries to catch it in a bucket. The impressive "beer cannon" is actually an AR-15 that has been modified to shoot beer cans instead of bullets.

He recently sat down with ABC 7 Detroit to explain how his invention works.

"It's a AR with the upper suppressor or upper of it taken off with a can cannon put on it, and it shoots," Farr explains. "It's a beer can launcher."

The video on Farr's Facebook page is the perfect example of going the right kind of "redneck crazy."

"I told him I'd give him a hundred bucks if he could catch it in a bucket. It came pretty close!" Farr laughs.

The cannon probably won't be a very effective way of handing your buddy a beer. The one Farr shoots on the video pretty much explodes when it lands, showering his friend in suds. Still, I'm sure one day Farr will perfect his beer can launcher so humanity can enjoy high-caliber alcohol. Pun intended.

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Tyler Farr Built an Impressive Beer Cannon from an AR-15