Tyler Childers performs onstage at the Hinterland Music Festival on August 07, 2021 in St. Charles, Iowa.
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8 Tyler Childers Songs That Showcase His Singular Lyricism

Tyler Childers is an artist who has carved his own unique path in the genres of country, Americana, folk and more. Although Childers maintains that he is strictly a country artist, he has made waves and gained fans and admirers in multiple circles. Hailing from Lawrence County, Kentucky as the son of a dad in the coal industry, Childer's roots in the Bluegrass State seep into every aspect of his music: from the lonesome fiddle to his voice. Childer's songwriting certainly stands out as well, with its conversational, clever, profound and often humorous style. The singer has forged an incredibly successful career so far, winning fans all over the globe. Here are the 8 best Tyler Childers songs, so far.

8. "Coal" 

"Coal" is a song that takes its roots straight from Childers' upbringing in Lawrence County, Kentucky. Childers' father worked in the coal industry, so he knows a thing or two about the occupation. This is a somewhat eerie tale about those who work in the coal mines. Similar to the classic "We'll Never Leave Harlan Alive,'' recorded by Kentuckian Patty Loveless and more, Childers not only sings of the dangers of working in the coal industry, but also the yearning that coal workers may have to have done something else in their lives. The chorus ends with Childers singing "That coal is gonna bury you," which not only speaks to the danger of the job, but also to the idea of never getting out of the industry.

7. "House Fire"

"House Fire" is another tune that exemplifies Childers' rugged, bluegrass-influenced country sound. With quick guitars, fiddle and more country elements accompanying him, he sings of a turbulent love affair. Childers describes the relationship by relating it to a house fire. The singer actually invites the subject of the song to set his house on fire, because "This house is mighty cold." The song's production echoes the drama of the story with its foot-stomping rhythm.

6. "Whitehouse Road"

While Childers often writes about love and relationships, he also sings about his own southern vices, and that is the theme that takes hold in "Whitehouse Road." Featuring a faster tempo and more robust production than some of his other songs, the tune finds Childers describing a lifestyle full of moonshine, women and drugs. The tune features a driving beat with a throwback, country-rock sound sure to make the listener want to follow in Childers' wild ways.

5. "Universal Sound"

"Universal Sound" from Childers' 2017 album Purgatory stands out, as it finds the singer pondering deeper subjects such as life, death and the universe. In the song, Childers sings of a "Universal Sound," a sort of abstract idea about the cosmic energy that surrounds us on earth. Throughout the tune, he sings about focusing on his breathing, and removing all distractions that get in the way of hearing this sound. There is some love involved too, as Childers says there is a woman he's thinking about, but all those worries wash away when he begins to meditate. He also mentions seeing God and his "wondrous grace," and explains that God, too, hums the "Universal Sound." The song wanders further from his rooted Kentucky sound than others, but it still lands comfortably in the country category.

4. "All Your'n"

Released on his Country Squire album, "All Your'n" is another tune that celebrates love. With piano and country-soul production backing him up, Childers sings about his undying love for a partner. "I'll love ya 'til my lungs give out / I ain't lying / I'm all your'n and you're all mine." Throughout the song, Childers remembers some of the good times he's had with his partner, and he doubles down on his commitment to the relationship.

3. "Shake The Frost"

In this, another acoustic-driven, passionate love song, Childers sings to a love interest, begging to "shake the frost" off his bones. The tune opens with a lyric that has found its own trend on TikTok: "You remind me of a Sunday / Back home in ole Kentucky." Overall, the tune is another that showcases Childers country roots, pristine songwriting and yearning voice.

2. "Feathered Indians"

In this song, Childers' unique songwriting style is proudly on display. The song is generally about a relationship with a love interest, and he opens by describing a steamy night with this partner from an interesting perspective. "Well my buckle makes impressions / On the inside of her thigh / There are little feathered Indians / Where we tussled through the night," he sings. It's opening lines like these that pull the listener in and make them want to hear more — a feature that is a hallmark of Childer's music.

1. "Lady May"

Undoubtedly one of his most popular songs to date, "Lady May" celebrates a simple love story. Childers pulls listeners in with the opening line, "I'm a stone's throw from the mill / I'm a good walk to the river / When my workin' day is over we'll go swim our cares away." Accompanied by acoustic guitar, Childers sings about his love interest, whom he calls Lady May, and admits that while he may not be perfect man, he is "baptized in your name." This song found great popularity on TikTok — not only the original, but also covers by other musicians.


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