Luke Bryan's Music Helps Two-Year-Old Girl Battle Leukemia [VIDEO]

YouTube/Taste of Country

For this 2-year-old leukemia patient, Luke Bryan's music is the best medicine around.

Two-year-old Lyanna Flynn, of New York, was diagnosed with leukemia on Feb. 21 and began treatment three days later. Chemotherapy is a terrible process to go through, even more so for toddlers. But there's one thing that makes Lyanna smile despite the harsh treatment: Luke Bryan's songs.

In this video taken by Lyanna's father Chad, the little trooper is in understandably poor spirits about taking medicine that makes her mouth feel "yucky." That is, until "That's My Kind of Night" stars playing, and Lyanna's face lights up like a Christmas tree as she dances in her bed.

Chad and the rest of the Flynn family reached out to Taste of Country so they could thank Bryan for helping their girl get through her first weeks of treatment. After three rounds of chemo, doctors are confident that she'll kick the cancer.

"Luke Bryan music is her medicine," said Chad. After the progress she's made in such a short time, he may be on to something.

In the meantime, the family has been strengthened by the outpouring of love from their community. Two fundraisers, including a golf tournament and a GoFundMe page, have been set up, and people around the world have showed support by tweeting the hashtag #LyannaStrong.

We're pulling for you, Lyanna.

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Luke Bryan's Music Helps Two-Year-Old Girl Battle Leukemia [VIDEO]