Indiana Man Stumbles Upon Rare Two-Headed Rattler in His Backyard

Tony Moore/Fox59

Most people wouldn't be too happy about accidentally building their home in the middle of a bunch of rattler dens. However, Tony Moore isn't someone who has ever shied away from snakes. In fact, Moore has always been fascinated by snakes, and even collected them for fun as a child. When he happened to come across a rare two-headed rattler near his home in Indiana, he couldn't contain his excitement.

In his younger years, Moore was disappointed that he was never able to add a rattlesnake to his collection. Now, that isn't a problem whatsoever.

"I hit the mother lode," Moore told Fox59. "It's like what they say, 'Be careful what you wish for.'"

Photo Courtesy Tony Moore
Tony Moore/Fox59

Although there were no snakes in sight when Moore began building his home five years ago, that all changed within a year of its completion. Suddenly, dozens of rattlesnakes began showing up around his home.

After about a year, he began to notice a pattern. The snakes would tend to come together when it was time to give birth to their young. About 10 days later, the snakes would shed their skin and be on their way.

However, that was not the case for one mother and her new baby. When the pair continued to hang out around his house, Moore took off to investigate. That's when he found that the baby had not one, but two heads.

"I was awestruck. I had to get very close to make sure. And then when I realized each of the two heads occasionally had a tongue come out and were fully functional, I realized I wasn't seeing things," Moore explained. "I'd have to say it's a one-in-a-million situation. I've never seen a two-headed anything except in a museum. I mean I guess it's fortunate. It's amazing."

Since this type of snake is extremely rare, Moore says he hopes his neighbors will take special care to protect his special slithering friends.

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Indiana Man Stumbles Upon Rare Two-Headed Rattler in His Backyard