These Two Guys Have Exchanged the Same Birthday Card for 47 Years

Talk about commitment. Steve and Bill took this birthday card literally by saving it — and then giving it back and forth every birthday for 47 years! That’s an astounding 94 birthdays.

Reddit user LincolnsLostSpeech uploaded proof of the heartwarming birthday tradition in the form of two pictures. The front of the card reads “Happy Birthday to a good-looking relative.” And when you open it up, and the punch line reads, “(Save this card. You can send it to ME on my birthday).”

The inside also features a whole bunch of scratched out “Bill’s” and “Steve’s,” signifying every time the card changed hands. It’s both beautifully sentimental and hilariously tongue-in-cheek.


According to the Reddit user, the birthday card belongs to their fiancé’s uncle and cousin. Amazingly, the funny memento cost only a quarter all the way back in 1970. And, if you think about it, they’ve saved quite a bit of money.

One quarter in 1970 is about $1.54 nowadays. Because they kept it all these years, that’s just about $145 saved over 94 birthdays. Clearly the thrifty pair need to treat themselves to a birthday dinner to celebrate.

But most of all, the pair created an amazing family keepsake to share forever. And that’s priceless.

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These Two Guys Have Exchanged the Same Birthday Card for 47 Years