Two Firefighters Die After Manure Fall
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Two Firefighters Tragically Pass Away After Manure Fall

Last friday, two off-duty firefighters pass away from the fumes of a manure tank. To make matter worse, one of them was desperately trying to save the other after they fell into the tank. Unfortunately, both men succumb to the smell of the toxic waste.

The firefighters Nathan Doody and Tyler Memory work as usual on their cattle farm when one of their pieces of equipment falls into the tank. Then, one of the men attempts to retrieve it from the tank. However, either Nathan or Tyler falls unconscious, causing the other man to try and save them. The police are not certain of the sequence the events take place at this time.

How Did The Firefighters Pass Away?

It's highly likely that the manure fumes play an integral part in such a tragedy. At high enough concentrations, it can kill people and livestock alike. The most dangerous of all the gases is hydrogen sulfide. At normal levels, it still induces intense headaches, nausea, dizziness, and fainting. However, high enough levels of hydrogen sulfide can prove fatal. Within a breath or two, you can die from the deadly element.

Both firefighters worked as volunteers as manure tanker drivers for Champion Farms, an institution of over 200 years. Nathan Doody joins his local fire department 10 years ago before passing away at the farm. Similarly, Tyler Memory comes from a long line of firefighters before him. He joins his local station at 14 years old, lasting 15 years before his tragic demise.

This isn't the first time a tragic situation like this has happened. In 2021, a trio of brothers in New Jersey succumbs to similar manure fumes in their concrete pit. The three were trapped inside trying to fix a pump when the fumes overtook them. The fire department dropped ropes and ladders to save them and take them to the hospital. In the end, it was too late.