Two Firefighters That Went Missing In Georgia, Discovered Dead in Tennessee
Photos By WBIR/11Alive

Two Firefighters That Went Missing In Georgia, Discovered Dead in Tennessee

Two Georgia firefighters, Raegan Anderson and Chandler Kuhbander, were found dead in Cocke County, Tennessee. Per WBIR, Anderson was last seen in Midway, Georgia, at the Liberty County Fire Services Station. Anderson's car was also found in Tennessee.

According to police representing the Hinesville Police Department, details regarding the discovery of the bodies, the vehicle, and the events leading to their deaths are not available yet. However, leading up to these discoveries, a few details were revealed while investigators searched for the pair.

Per WJCL, Anderson and Kuhbander were romantically involved for a number of years before recently breaking up. On June 22, police responded to a domestic disturbance between the two at an Olive Garden. According to an incident report, "Anderson walked into the restaurant and confronted Kuhbander as he was on a date. The confrontation leads to the parking lot, where Anderson reportedly keyed Kuhbander's vehicle."

Anderson was subsequently charged with Criminal Damage to Property 2nd degree and Disorderly Conduct. Two days later, on June 24, Kuhbander reportedly told his mother that Anderson had been "blowing up" his phone. Kuhbander went to a gym and left about an hour and a half later. He never returns to his vehicle. Additionally, Anderson's car had been driving through the parking lot around the same time. The two aren't seen alive again.

Two Missing Georgia Firefighters Are Found Deceased In Tennessee

Hinesville Police officers go by Anderson's home after the two disappear. They find the doors unlocked, along with a note that leads them to believe Anderson may have wanted to harm herself.

Chandler's mother, Jane Kuhbander, spoke out about the situation before their bodies were found. "I'm so scared," Jane said. "I just want them home."

"He was telling me she was blowing up his phone, and he said that she had threatened that she was going to commit suicide. ... And, it's not the first time that she's done it."

Jane mentions how terrifying it was to realize she was experiencing her son's disappearance in real time.

"You don't want to be in this position. And when you see it on television, I can see how they feel. ... Then it hits you like I am that person. I do feel that way. This is terrifying and you have no answers."