The Best Twitter Comebacks from Country Stars

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Twitter can be a great way to interact with your favorite country singer. You can share your love for their music, give props for an award show win or just reach out with an adoring .gif or hashtag. Yeah, we all know our favorite artists probably aren't scrolling through every social media comment. But it never hurts to dream.

But as Jimmy Kimmel's Mean Tweets have taught us, some folks never learned that if you don't have anything nice to say, it's best to say nothing at all. And when "fans" get a little too salty, some stars have taken to clapping back in epic ways. Here are some of the best Twitter comebacks from country stars.

Maren Morris Claps Back at a Sexist

After posting a photo of herself in a bikini, a rude follower thought it was a good idea to share his opinion on her body, tweeting "Please tell me you didn't get a boob job? Fake boobs are disgusting." The singer wasted no time putting him in his place.

...And Calls Out Prudes

This isn't the first time Morris has shut down someone for body-shaming. When followers criticized her onstage wardrobe, she let them know how just much she valued their opinions.

Twitter pros Brothers Osborne even came to her defense. (Not that she needs any help shutting down the haters.)

And we couldn't forget her epic take down of a Twitter troll who called her a "disgrace to country music." Morris is quickly becoming the queen of Twitter comebacks.

Brothers Osborne Roast a Critic

When a Twitter follower criticized CMA award winning country duo Brothers Osborne for their tweet in support of affordable health care, one follower tried to roast the duo on their album sales. Unfortunately for him, the bros are as successful at Twitter clapbacks as they are at selling records.

Margo Price Shuts Down a Mansplainer

"Shut up and sing" is a ridiculous request lobbed at entertainers by certain fans, and Margo Price is having none of it. When a Twitter user criticized Price's outspokenness, Price was quick to stand up for her rights and shut down his patronizing tone.

Blake Shelton Kills With Sarcasm

Blake Shelton is known for his Twitter usage, for better or worse. But the singer is definitely adapt at putting a Twitter troll in their place. When a fan tweeted to Shelton that she no longer liked the singer, Shelton responded with his signature sarcasm.

...And Gets Petty

Shelton wasn't done there. When the Twitter user commented that Shelton had changed, the singer unleashed a series of tweets.

In fairness to the former fan, Shelton does seem to care a little that she doesn't like him.

Kelsea Ballerini Slams a Clueless Troll

When a Twitter troll claimed that Kelsea Ballerini couldn't play guitar, the singer clapped back hard. In response to a tweet that read "If you're going to pretend to play the guitar, at least be good at it," Ballerini responded:

Kacey Musgraves Throws Shade at a Beauty Queen Diva

When Miss Washington World 2015 complained that Musgraves hadn't stopped to take a photo with her, Musgraves questioned the pageant queens's priorities.


...And Proves That 'Your Mom' Is Still the Best Comeback

Most Kacey Musgraves fans love her glorious cowgirl-inspired stage wear, but apparently not everyone feels the same way. When a Twitter user named Beth tweeted "Kacey you are so pretty. But Sweetie- you NEED a stylist, ASAP!" Musgraves replied in the best possible way.

The classic comeback seems to be a favorite of Kacey's.

Before tweeting at Kacey -- or anyone for that matter -- it's best to heed the witty singer's advice: "Mind your own business and life will be gravy."

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The Best Twitter Comebacks from Country Stars