'Turn Up on the Weekend' is the Party Anthem You Never Knew You Wanted

Need a new party anthem to turn up this weekend? Look no further.

Earlier today, a video from a New York City producer named Branchez and a mystery man going by the name of Big Wet hit the internet. Now, a duet from two mostly-unknown artists would usually not get that much attention. But these two have created something that is, well, pretty unique.

The video for their track "Turn Up On The Weekend" features almost every country cliche you can think of. Trucks! Horses! And yes, plenty of girls in denim cutoffs. All of this is set to a hip hop beat that Sam Hunt would be jealous of.

Now, before you start sending me hate mail for supporting the demise of country music, let me explain. This whole thing is definitely a sort of parody, poking fun at the cliches that mainstream country has become riddled with. None of it is meant to be taken seriously, and that's exactly what makes it great.

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If Wheeler Walker Jr. has taught us anything, it's that the country music world needs to learn how to take a joke. And if you don't find yourself wanting to sing out "I ain't got a swim-suiiiiit" this weekend, you might want to get your pulse checked.

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'Turn Up on the Weekend' is the Party Anthem You Never Knew You Wanted