Turn a Terracotta Pot Into an Impressive Makeshift Barbecue [WATCH]

You can turn an old flowerpot into a working barbecue in just a few easy steps!

There are few things better than freshly grilled vegetables or barbecue-marinated meats. If you're caught with a craving to grill but don't have a working barbecue, all you need are a few things that are likely in your garage already to start cooking.

In this video on Household Hacker's YouTube channel, you'll see exactly how to turn an unassuming flowerpot into the coolest mini barbecue ever. All you need to create your new grill is a terracotta pot, a piece of metal mesh, tinfoil, and charcoal.

First, grab your pot and clean it out any dirt or grime. Next, lay the metal mesh over the top of the pot and cut it to fit inside the top and set it aside. You'll want to line the inside of your pot with tin foil, especially the bottom, which needs to be fully covered. Once that's covered in a layer of foil, fill up your pot with charcoal about two inches from the bottom. Light the charcoal and then place your metal mesh grill on top. Wait about ten minutes for the charcoal to heat, then enjoy! If you want control over the heat, place a lid over the top of the pot, but make sure there's enough area allowed for air to escape outwards.

It only takes a few minutes to create this cool makeshift grill, so grab a flower pot and try it out yourself!

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Turn a Terracotta Pot Into an Impressive Makeshift Barbecue [WATCH]