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How to Make Delicious Fireball Whisky Meatballs

Every now and then, there comes a recipe that completely throws caution to the wind. You may not think that mixing cinnamon whiskey and meat necessarily sounds like a winning combination, but you'd be surprised.

The crazy geniuses of the BBQ Pit Boys came up with a killer combination of flavors that brings the classic meatball to a whole new level. In the video below, you'll see these grill experts go through the process of making these mouth-watering meatballs.

All you have to do is mold some seasoned ground beef into round balls before wrapping them completely in bacon. Make sure all of the meatball is covered by its bacon shell before placing it on the grill. Once it's cooking, fill up your injector with some Fireball cinnamon whiskey. You may need someone to hold down the meatball while you slide the injector inside so it doesn't roll off the grill.

Once it's been filled with whiskey, all you have to do is wait. Make sure you flip them over to get each side golden brown. Then, take them off the grill and let cool before serving. It's an incredibly easy recipe that may just change the way you cook meatballs forever.

This post was originally published on August 2, 2016.

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How to Make Delicious Fireball Whisky Meatballs