Try This Delicious Two-Ingredient Camping Recipe

When the temperature drops and the leaves on the trees change colors, we flock outdoors to enjoy the fall weather, a welcome respite from hot summer days. One of the classic pastimes of fall is gathering with friends and family around a fire outdoors. Many of us travel to campgrounds for a weekend of outdoor fun, while some of us prefer to build a fire in our own backyard.

Wherever you camp this season, keep mealtime simple. Don't waste time cutting vegetables or patting out burgers. This simple, two-ingredient camping recipe only requires biscuit dough and hot dogs. Canned biscuits are extremely convenient for camping and so versatile. The can fits perfectly into a backpack, and the dough can be used for a variety of meals.

Try this easy camping recipe and get back to hiking, biking, canoeing or relaxing with friends!


  • Pre-made biscuit dough (we used Pillsbury Homestyle Butter Tastin' refrigerated biscuits)
  • Hot dogs, kielbasa or bratwursts
  • *Optional: condiments of your choice


To bake the doughboy, you need either a dowel rod or a stick as wide as your meat. If you use a stick, make sure to shave off the bark first before wrapping the dough.

Easy Camping Recipe

First, stretch the dough so that it is longer than it is wide. Wrap the dough around the top of the stick so that the end is completely covered. Continue wrapping around the stick, overlapping the edges of dough, until you run out of dough.

Easy Camping Recipe

Repeat this process one more time, picking up where the first piece of dough ended. Make sure the dough is sealed at the edges and spread out evenly over the end of the stick.Easy Camping Recipe

Do not bake the dough directly in the flame; it will burn and cook unevenly. Instead, hold the stick of dough just outside the flames, turning periodically so the dough cooks thoroughly on each side.Easy Camping Recipe

Once the dough is crispy but firm, gently remove it from the stick. Now you can fill the dough with either a cooked hot dog, kielbasa or bratwurst! It's easiest to fill the dough with mustard or ketchup first, then slide your meat of choice inside.

Easy Camping Recipe

You can use the same recipe to make dessert, too. Instead of filling the dough with meat, however, fill it with peanut butter and jelly, jelly and cream cheese or a seasonal item, like pumpkin butter.


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Try This Delicious Two-Ingredient Camping Recipe