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You Have to Try This Refreshing Peach Sweet Tea

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It's that time of year again. The summer is the best part of the year to spend on your front porch with a nice cold glass of tea. Although we all love the taste of that refreshing old standby, we shouldn't forget that summertime also marks the peak of peach season, making it the perfect time to combine the two delicious flavors.

I Heart Recipes came up with a simple and delicious way of infusing the sweet and addictive taste of fresh peach and putting it in your iced tea. It's a quick and simple recipe that's perfect for a lazy day outdoors or an afternoon by the pool.

Although the peach gives the drink a natural sweetness, don't be afraid to add a little extra sugar into the mix to fulfill your sweet tooth's wildest desires. Also, make sure to freeze your peaches before using them to help them stay fresh and delicious with every single gulp. Take it from me, you'll probably want to make a big batch of this stuff, because it will go quickly. So grab your favorite pitcher, get to mixing and enjoy some slow sips of this delicious twist on an old classic.

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You Have to Try This Refreshing Peach Sweet Tea