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Trump's Brother Dumped Mashed Potatoes on His Head and He's Still Mad

We all have embarrassing childhood stories, from getting injured in silly ways to saying embarrassing things. My family's best one is when my sister, who was far too old for high chairs, got stuck in one at TCBY, and it had to be taken apart piece by piece. It may come as no surprise that the Trump family's best embarrassing moment revolves around Donald Trump, and let's just say it involves a bowl of mashed potatoes.

Our republican former president's diet is notoriously centered on junk food, from fast food restaurants to ice cream. However, it turns out his history with potatoes goes back further than McDonald's French fries.

Mary Trump Spills the Beans

Mary Trump, a clinical psychologist who is the niece of former President Donald Trump, has given us lots of insight on Donald Trump and his family. Mary Trump's book, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man, provides an inside look into the New York City-based family's dynamics and history.

In an interview with ABC News chief anchor George Stephanopoulos, she gave us even more dirty deets on the Trump family. She explained to Stephanopoulos that her father, Fred Trump Jr., was actually meant to be the heir of Fred Sr.'s billion-dollar empire. However, Donald Trump's older brother rejected this role, saying that he didn't want to be a businessman, which eventually led to him being shunned by his family.

However, before all of this, the Trump siblings were relatively close, getting along except for the occasional sibling spat. The most famous of these light-hearted disputes was when the family was sitting at the dinner table.

The Infamous Mashed Potato Incident

"They were really young kids, and I think Donald was maybe 7. And one of his favorite things to do was torment my Uncle Rob, who was a couple years younger. And it was, you know, my grandmother's cooking dinner, and getting the table ready, and Donald was just being merciless. And Maryanne and my dad could not get him to stop," she said.

"And finally, my dad had no other option but to pick up a bowl of mashed potatoes and just dump it on his little brother's head. And it ended the — it ended the fight. But I think it also started something, because Donald was humiliated by it, as evidenced by the way he reacts to the story now, is no sense of humor about it whatsoever."

Mary Trump said that she learned the story when she and her aunt Maryanne visited Donald Trump at the White House during his presidency. She went on to say that Trump's family members find it funny and endearing to reminisce about the potatoes being dumped on Donald's head, but that Donald Trump himself is very unamused by it.

Although Trump reportedly hates the story, it's hard not to chuckle picturing our former president with an entire bowl of mashed potatoes on his head.