trooper in a truck

Nebraska State Troopers to Start Riding in Semi Trucks

You might want to think twice about speeding past a semi while driving in Nebraska. 

Soon, many Nebraska truckers will have a co-pilot riding alongside them thanks to the new "Trooper in a Truck" program. The Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) recently announced that they are teaming up with the Nebraska Trucking Association. Troopers will ride with truckers on the highways in hopes of catching more traffic violations.

The troopers will watch for things like reckless driving, texting while driving and any other unsafe driving habits. After seeing an offense take place, the trooper in the semi will then call to a nearby patrol car. The car will then pull the driver over to issue a citation.

The goal is to cut down on unsafe driving so that drivers and truckers are much safer on Nebraska roadways.

"Having eyes in commercial motor vehicles allows us to see things we wouldn't normally see from a marked patrol unit," NSP Lieutenant Kurt Von Minden wrote on Facebook. "It's also an invaluable tool to work with truckers to help tackle the issue of public safety on our roadways."


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