Trisha Yearwood Predicts Country-Pop Won’t Last

In a new interview, Trisha Yearwood predicts that the reign of pop-influenced country may soon come to an end.

During a recent chat with People, Yearwood shared her thoughts on the future of popular country music. “The cool thing about country music is that it always changes,” the 51-year-old said. She went on to predict that the current pop-influenced sound that’s taken hold of mainstream country “will probably go back to a little more grassroots, a little more singer-songwriter vibe.”

As a performer who has been active in the industry for nearly a quarter of a century, Yearwood knows what she’s talking about. It seems like the constantly-changing genre is already swinging back toward a more classically influenced sound with the recent success of artists like Chris Stapleton and Sturgill Simpson.

Since her debut in 1991, Yearwood has managed to change with the times while also staying true to her own sound. A brand new exhibit which tells the story of her long and successful career, Trisha Yearwood: The Song Remembers When, recently opened at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville.

Even after 25 years of performing, Yearwood is far from slowing down. She’s currently out on tour with her husband Garth Brooks playing dozens of sold out shows across the country. Earlier this month, Yearwood and Brooks broke records by selling over three millions tickets with their latest tour.

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Trisha Yearwood Predicts Country-Pop Won’t Last